Family of 4.

I’m sitting in my bed, it’s 8:15 on Wednesday night May, 26th? I don’t even know. (Days are just mushed during this lock down..) As usual, I’m doing 100 things at once. Listening to Kip More on instagram live, I’m whitening my teeth, and adding items to my cart on Amazon.

I’m still listening to instagram, and whitening my teeth, but I stopped surfing the web to write this because I am feeling cramps. Why am I writing about my cramps? Because two days ago, on Memorial Day, I took my (seems like 30th) pregnancy test…

(Funny side note: I peed on a stick, set it down, and then went into our closet room to change when I looked out the window and saw Jax down in the yard…. pooping.πŸ˜‚ I started laughing and yelled to Jared downstairs to look outside at his son… and completely forgot about the test sitting on the windowsill in the bathroom.)

Yup, we’re growing our family!

I had already taken a pregnancy test 6 days prior, that was negative. I was taking one every month, because I was SURE I was pregnant. Every menstral symptom that I had, every month, I thought it could be

So back to the cramps..I stopped what I was doing to talk about them, because they make me so happy. It’s uncomfortable, but I feel connected to this little nugget when I actually feel something. At the time of writing this, I am less than 5 weeks pregnant. So I’m “just barely” pregnant. But I am SO excited about this pregnancy. I’m prepared (or think I am..) for all that’s to come with this journey. Welcoming it with open arms. As I’m writing this, the cramps are getting worse, and it only makes me feel more connected.

This one is (and will be) much different than it was with Jax. For so many reasons. One big difference right off of the bat is that we weren’t “trying”, or “not trying” when we got pregnant with Jax. This time we tried. For nine months. Which, is a short time for some, and a long time for others. I was to the point where I was JUSSTTT starting to get nervous, asking questions to my Mom, and Jared’s Mom. And we just starting to talk about “what is the next thing that we should do..” Little did we know that we were pregnant at the time of having that conversation.

It is now September 19th. I haven’t touched this post since I started it in May. Since then, we have done a LOT. We have made the hard decision to close down our brick and mortar gym location, and go 100% online. That involved a ton of work shutting operations down, and practically starting a business 100% over. That was an incredibly emotional ride for me. Once it was “over” and we had closed our doors, I made the decision that “we needed to go now”… meaning I want to move south now, not wait. That was the 5 year plan since last year, but, since closing down the gym I feel misplaced and ready to go now. SOO, we are now past the half-way mark in our pregnancy, and our house is going on the market this week.😳 I’m a mess over it.. I want to go, but I’m also really nervous about being 7, 8, or 9 months pregnant- trying to move!!

Any-who….back to the baby talk

This whole time we (and everyone who knew) were convinced we were having a girl.. and sure enough, girl it is! We’re pumped! I’ve been waiting for 4.5 years to pick out girl clothes. πŸ’β€β™€οΈ Jax and I went through all of his old clothes to sort out what we could re-use. We bagged up 12 garbage bags of clothes to get rid of. 12 bags. Like- how does that even happen. The kid is only 4 (this week!). How can one little boy have had so many clothes?!? Anyways- Jax has been really excited for all things baby, and he was really excited to find out that he was going to have a sister- he wanted a sister. The only negative thing Jax has said so far is “I need to get a little tiny crate for the baby, so she can’t touch my toys..and you can keep her in your room Mama, in the crate” πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚

Jared is pretty excited too. He’s going to be wrapped around that little girls finger, that’s for certain!

I’m getting more and more excited. This time around is TOTALLY different than the first time, so far, and I’m ready!! (I think..) I have a little bit of an idea of what’s to come. This girl is so special already, vs when I was pregnant with Jax, I really didn’t know how to connect with him in my belly- or actually until I had him home and I got to know him better. Idk why, but it took me a while to really connect. Now I understand, I feel the bond with Jax, and can’t wait to share a mother/child relationship with another baby!! Perhaps feeling her move since 13(!) weeks, has also helped.

So far- that’s the story of baby #2. 19 Weeks to go!


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