Stuck on a plane.

I am currently stuck in PA in a plane, on the runway. (With Jare.)

I’m learning a lot about society….

It’s currently 9:22pm, and we boarded at 5:30ish?

We were delayed because of a storm. Then the new route required more fuel, so we needed to go back to the gate to re-fuel. That was over an hour.

Then we had multiple other updates and confusions with the route.

Now we’re stuck because the storm moved, so they need to find a third route.

After every announcement, all you can hear is bitching and more bitching. Blaming the crew, pilot, and American Airlines.

PEOPLE…. what in the actual f*ck is wrong with you!!

We are not in the air because it is not okay to fly. Period. Would you rather stay on the ground where it is safe? Or risk your life for a few extra hours in Vegas?

I’m writing this because I am blown away at the way grown ass adults react to things that are COMPLETELY out of their control. Seriously. What are you going to do about it? The crew is doing their best, and we’re safe.

Sometimes it’s best to take a big view of what is actually happening. Count your blessings. Don’t be the ungrateful asshole that complains about everything under the sun.

Period. 😃😃

One thought on “Stuck on a plane.

  1. Exactly, this happened on mine and my best friends flight home from Vegas last summer. Except the delay was the person sitting beside us was being aggressive towards us and the flight attendants with out us saying anything was having him removed. People were so mad.


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